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Americans in the military have voted by mail for 160 years.

It's been good enough for us, and it's good enough for America. 


Every day, President Trump launches a new attack on the foundations of our Democracy and weakens our national security.


On Thursday, July 30th he once again lied and said that mail in voting is unsafe:

  • Despite it being his preferred method.

  • Despite our military doing so for 160 years.

  • And despite decades of multiple states electing thousands of officials from all parties or no party via vote-by-mail.


Even worse, he suggested we delay November's election. America has never delayed a presidential election :

  • Not when the USS Constitution was being chased off our coast by British ships in 1812

  • Not when General Sheridan was leading his Valley Campaign just miles from DC in 1864

  • And not when we were in the depths of WWII.


We're not going to start now, even if Donald Trump fancies himself a King.


We are going to share our experiences of safely and securely voting by mail - whether overseas in a theater of combat, stationed in an allied nation, or living on base and in-country as a military spouse or child. Use our "Share Your Story" form on this page to submit a video or audio file of you telling us about all the times you safely and securely exercised your right to vote - by mail.



In the 2016 Federal Election:

  • 18.5 million veterans were eligible to vote

  • 14.4 million veterans voted

  • Veterans had 69% turnout

  • Civilians had 60.1% turnout

  • Active Duty members only had 46% turnout


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